If you want help with a project, here are some of the things I can do for you:

  • Building raised beds and planters
  • Building a pergola, trellis or arbor
  • Installing drip irrigation
  • Converting a sprinkler system to drip irrigation
  • Installation of edible, native, or drought tolerant plants
  • Seasonal pruning and upkeep of plants

I can work with plans you have designed, we can come up with ideas together, or I can present you my own. We can do the job together, or I can do it myself, whatever your preference.

I DO NOT do any “mow and blow” types of services. I maintain my property without a mower, leaf blower, or weed whacker. I hope my neighbors appreciate the lack of noise and air pollution coming from my property. I can help you so that your property can be maintained the same. We have to save that gasoline so the NASCAR guys have more to burn for their┬átraveling┬ácircular driving shows!

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