Fruit from the yard!

Summer peaches! These are Mid-Pride and man are they good! Very lucky to be in this climate and be able to get fruit like this without having to spray anything (one benefit to our dry, warm summers)

Mid Pride

If you want to waste 5 minutes of your life here is a video of me tasting some of the fruit I’ve picked this week:


Fermented Pepper Sauce

If you’ve ever had Tabasco or Siracha those are pepper hot sauces that have been fermented. This means natural bacteria on the pepper are allowed to ferment, creating an acidic environment usually (no vinegar needed). You will need a way to let the gas release form your storage jar, airlock or just cloth top.

So I have lots of peppers, lets give it a go. Put peppers in blender.

Blend 'em up!

Add sugar, salt, garlic.

Peppers, Garlic, Salt, Sugar

Peppers, Garlic, Salt, Sugar



Store at room temp for a few weeks…hope this tastes good!

Pepper Sauce

Tomatillo Salsa

My first time growing tomatillos, and it won’t be my last. I love making salsa with them.

They have husks on them. I pulled them off and washed the tomatillos (kinda of sticky when husk comes off)

They start to yellow when getting ripe

They start to yellow when getting ripe

Some Jalapenos from the garden too.

This variety is called "Biker Billy"

This variety is called “Biker Billy”

Roast ’em on the grill!

Grill 'em up!

Add onions, lemon/lime, cilantro, and salt

Salsa Prep

Put in blender

Just a few short blends, I like the chunks :)

Just a few short blends, I like the chunks :)

That’s it! Serve hot or cold

Tomatillo Salsa

Made some tacos and put it on them….dang!



Yard to Table

I had some leftover marinara in the fridge. I figured I would make (boil!) some pasta and use it up. Something as boring as this is changed dramatically when you add fresh herbs and vegetables from the garden.

Purple Basil

Purple Basil tastes really good, different than the typical green sweet basil you see commonly sold in the stores. I took some purple and green basil and chopped ’em up.

Cocozelle Squash

Not the greatest picture, but a great tasting heirloom Italian squash. Really clean, no bitterness. Squashes are so subtle in their flavor you would think it’s all the same but if you were to taste test this side by side with a typical store bought zucchini you would notice the differences.

Put it all together


Tastes like summer IMO.



Flowers in Your Salad!

Hopefully you know by now that your own home grown vegetables are fresher, tastier, more nutritious, cheaper, and more friendly to the earth than the stuff you get at the store. There are other reasons though to grow your own; and that’s trying new, different, and fun things.

What’s so new and different in the home garden? How about edible flowers? I’ve never seen Nasturtium, Chive, or Arugula flowers for sale in the supermarket. But there they are in your home garden! They all add to the presentation of the salad, and they all have unique tastes. The greens in this salad were all grown here at our home in San Jose.

The ingredients: Red Leaf Lettuce, Arugula (w/ flowers), Chocolate Mint, Nasurtium (w/ flowers) and Chive blossoms.

I did shave some Grada Padano onto it and some sliced almonds. For the dressing I make my own “Italian” style which is: Olive Oil, Balsamic, Fresh Ground Pepper, Fresh chopped oregano.

Well, unlike some humans I just can’t eat this salad for dinner. I threw some bread with Dubliner cheese under the broiler, until the cheese gets brown and bubbly. Then put prosciutto di parma on top of it. Put it on a plate with a variety of olives, some peppers, and some tangerines from our friends tree. Add red wine and that’s it! Dinner is served!