If I don’t net ’em the birds will get ’em!

One thing I learned with Blueberries is the common mockingbird really loves them. I use to wonder why my berries would never ripen. It’s because as soon as they showed any color the mockingbird would eat them. This was typically before I got up in the morning. As soon as I got nets on the berries the very next day I saw a few that had turned color.

I used to use the “Bird Block” black netting you get at the big box stores. It gets the job done but is terrible to work with, gets caught on things easily, rips, and isn’t easy to use again the next year.

This year I bought bird netting from http://www.americannettings.com/ and what a difference it makes. It is a pleasure to net the BB’s and also to move the netting to stick my greedy hands in. It’s a much better quality and will last for many seasons.

To net my berries I take a piece of rebar and hammer into the ground (or a concrete block for areas I can’t hammer into) and then bend 1/2″ pvc pipe over the berries in a hoop. Throw the net over and boom!

Netted Blueberries