What’s so good about them? From a grower’s point of view there is lots. They don’t really get diseases, they are drought tolerant, and don’t suffer die back or damage in our climate. They also fruit in the fall, when there isn’t a lot of fresh fruits.

Here is a harvest I took in early November. It’s three varieties, Eversweet, Wonderful, and Sharp Velvet

Eversweet is pink with light colored arils. The arils are mild, sweet, and very soft.


You can’t really tell Sharp Velvet apart from Wonderful by looks but definitely by taste. Sharp Velvet has a very complex almost wine like flavor. Wonderful is the kind usually sold at the supermarket. It has an okay taste, but is lacking compared to other varieties.


The jewels of the fruit world! If you live in Nor Cal you should plant some pomegranates. They are also very ornamental, with showy flowers.