What have I been eating?

Well, I’ve been pretty terrible about getting content up on my website; “Thanks Obama!” is the saying for that right?

Lets make this a “fruits of my labor” post, with a few pictures:

Blueberries: So many this year, have a lot in the freezer, they need to be netted or birds will eat them all


Peaches: So many this year, have a lot in the freezer (we need to get a separate freezer I think!). Not as much pecks from birds this year. I thinned them hard and they got really big 🙂


Squash & Cucumbers: There are usually first things to give me fruits from the vegetable garden. Have been giving a lot of squash away at the shelter, there are quite prolific (and tasty).


Berries: Blueberries, Raspberries, Strawberries, Blackberries. Berries are the best. Even had some currants this year too. 



Grapes & Pluots: These grapes are called “Himrod”. My first time eating them and was very impressed with their sweet and almost floral taste. If I had known seedless grapes would taste this good I probably would have planted all seedless. Will have plenty of seeded concord grapes this year (if the rats don’t get them first).


Have been eating peppers, eggplants, kale, and lettuce. Some tomatoes are finally coloring up. Growing your own food is fun!